Raw Herb Formulas

These new powdered Raw herbal Formula capsules use only the finest whole herbs to produce our high quality medicinal botanical products.

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Raw herb formulas
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Raw Herb Formulas

L.A. Naturals is pleased to introduce our line of Raw, Fresh-Ground herbal capsules. Just like our premium Liquid Extracts and Liquid Extract filled capsules you will experience the same quality from these new, more "budget friendly" single herbs and formulas in vegetarian capsules. These new powdered herb capsules are ground fresh to guarantee strength and consistent results that you can feel. Only the best organically grown, ethically wild-crafted or selectively imported whole herbs are used to produce our high quality medicinal botanical products. Our herbs are gathered at the peak of their potency by skilled harvesters with sensitivity to the environment. Sourcing whole herbs and the fact that we use the full biochemical spectrum of the active plant parts produces results you will feel . Once you experience the healing power of L.A. Naturals medicinal botanicals and realize the benefits of premium quality whole herbs you too will believe "there's an herb for that".